Since it’s been a little while between blog posts, we will be kicking off this Pro Clean of Michigan carpet cleaning blog with a reminder of who we are and what we offer at our Lenawee County cleaning company. After that, we’ll dive straight into the meat and potatoes of today’s blog — listing a few of the most common signs that you need to enlist the help of professional carpet cleaners in your home or business. 

Who We Are

At Pro Clean of Michigan, we believe that your property, be it commercial or residential, is not only an important investment for your financial wellbeing, but it heavily influences your quality of life on a daily basis. We are passionate about providing thorough and efficient cleaning services for customers and clients in Adrian, Tecumseh, Britton, Blissfield, Madison Charter Township, and other Lenawee County communities.  

Open Mon-Fri by appointment, we offer comprehensive cleaning services in Lenawee County, MI:

We offer affordable rates, years of experience, and a passion for doing right by our customers. Here are a few more reasons to choose our local cleaning company!

  • We offer a 30-Day Spot-Free Guarantee!
  • Emergency Cleaning Services Available
  • 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee

I called ProClean needing same day service and I was extremely impressed with how accommodating they were. The gentleman who came out was professional, honest and personable. I would highly recommend their services.” – Abby H., Five Stars, BBB Reviews

Why You Should Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Now that we’ve reminded our readers of who we are and what kind of cleaning services we offer, it is time to dive into one of our bread and butter services — carpet cleaning. While most of us know that getting our carpeting cleaned is an important thing to do in theory, how many of us actually get our carpets deep-cleaned? How long has it been for your home? Five years? Ten? We shudder to think about what might be festering deep within the fibers of your carpet. 

From a bigger picture, we’ll talk about prevalent signs that it’s time to call us at Pro Clean of Michigan, so let’s get going!

Serious Stain Action

Let’s kick it off with one that probably springs to mind first: numerous, disgusting stains on your carpet. Whether it’s from one wild party, years of wear and tear, or a new pet that needs to get house-trained ASAP, our professional carpet cleaning service will get those deep-seated stains out more effectively than any home remedy or store-bought product. If there are a multitude of stains which you haven’t gotten around to cleaning yet, let us do it for you! Rather than procrastinate another six months to a year, only to not really get the stains out when you DIY it. We’ve got you covered at Pro Clean of Michigan. 

Your Home Looks Tired & Old

If you are anything like other clients of ours, you might be inclined to go shopping for a brand new carpet because you’ve realized how old and drab your current one is. But wait! Your living room might not need a total revamp; your carpet just might need to be cleaned by professionals. You don’t necessarily need to pay thousands in order to restore the life back into your home. Even if you have reservations about how dramatic of an effect the cleaning will have, it’s worth a shot. It’s much more affordable than the alternative, so why not start with the cleaning and then go from there?

A Worsened Sinus Condition

Here’s a couple of dots you might not have connected on your own. If you have a sinus condition, breathing troubles, or allergies which have recently worsened in your home, it might have to do with the amount of dust and other debris lodged in your carpet. Even if you (or a family member) don’t have a formal diagnosis of a sinus condition or something related, it’s worth investigating. Signs would include symptoms such as sneezing more often, feeling stuffed up without getting sick, and the like. 

And while we aren’t doctors by any stretch of the imagination, we do know that pet dander, urine, dust, dead skin cells, and insect remains that linger in your carpet for years can have an adversely cumulative impact on your breathing and sinuses.  

Get Your Free Estimate

Choose Pro Clean of Michigan because we are experienced, thorough, and affordable. If your carpet is looking old, tired, or downright dirty, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to make it look and feel like new again! 

This is our specialty, which means we know what works and we know what doesn’t. You don’t have to worry about your carpet being crunchy for weeks after the cleaning; instead, it will be fluffy, vibrant, and dry in no time! 

We’ll come out to assess your carpet and tailor our cleaning services so that you only pay for what you need, and nothing that you don’t. Get your free quote from us at Pro Clean of Michigan, and be sure to look out for part two of this two-part blog series, in which we’ll highlight more signs that you are in need of professional carpet cleaning services!