We are back with another Pro Clean of Michigan blog! You join us in the midst of a two-part series dedicated to illuminating the minds of our Lenawee County readers about when it’s time to get your carpets professionally cleaned by professionals. In today’s blog, we’ll briefly recap what we discussed in part one before diving into a new list of reasons why you should consider carpet cleaning services for your home or business in Lenawee County, Michigan. So, without further ado, let’s get going! 

A Brief Recap

In part one, we highlighted three common signs you should consider professional carpet cleaning:

  • Glaring stains – This one is as straightforward as it gets; if you have a multitude of stains on your carpet — stains that make you think twice about having company over, for example — it’s time to do something about it. A professional carpet cleaning company like ours can provide a deep clean to completely rid the carpet of all stains. 
  • Your home needs a facelift – Many homeowners forgo the idea of cleaning their carpets altogether, opting for brand new carpeting! This is often not needed; professional carpet cleaning can restore most carpets to their former glory — at a fraction of the cost when compared with a brand new install!
  • Sinus and breathing trouble – If your carpeting hasn’t been deep-cleaned in over a year, it’s possible all that dust, dirt, and other debris lodged in your carpet fibers is contributing to worsened indoor air quality. You might notice this as a worsened sinus condition or simply smelling stuffy air. Regardless, it’s an easy fix, and one you should be making for the sake of everyone living under your roof; vacuuming isn’t enough!

Now, let’s discuss a few more reasons why you should give your local carpet cleaners at Pro Clean of Michigan a call!

It’s Been A Year

Here’s a fairly easy one to remember — if it’s been a year, it’s time. We’ll level with you; this isn’t some yearly “maintenance trick” or anything like it. This is necessary because it impacts your breathing, your state of mind, and how you present yourself to your houseguests. That’s why the general rule of thumb is that all carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once per year. If you have pets or small children running around on it, there’s no two ways about it. Remember, regularly having your carpet cleaned will extend the lifespan of said carpet. So it’s helpful to think of the service as an investment.

Water Or Fire Damage

If your home has recently experienced damage of the water and/or fire variety, there’s a chance your carpeting has been adversely, if not directly affected by the ordeal. It’s a wise idea to call in the professionals with something as significant as a flood or a fire. Sometimes, it’s not always easy to see how extensive the damage is. Don’t give mold an opportunity to set in.

Strange Smells

If you’ve been trying to pinpoint the origin of that weird smell in your home, it just might be emanating from your carpet. As gross as it is to think about, it could be the reality, especially if you haven’t had your carpeting professionally cleaned in some time.

Now, to be clear, some level of dirt, sweat, and grime is always going to reside in your carpet if you are walking over it every day. But it shouldn’t cause the entire house to stink, let alone a single room.

You’ve Got Pets

The final sign we’d like to address in today’s blog is if you are a pet owner. Pets shed; it is known. All the dust and debris we mentioned above is only exacerbated when you have pets. They have accidents on the carpet, they shed their hair, and their claws can damage the carpet threads fairly easily. We love pets, don’t get us wrong, but we are also sober about the effects they can have on your living space. 

Even if you have a top-quality carpet and an expensive vacuum cleaner, odds are you are only collecting a fraction of the dust and dirt trapped in the fibers of your carpet. 

Carpet Cleaning In Lenawee County 

For our part at Pro Clean of Michigan, professional carpet cleaning is our specialty. We provide deep cleaning which is much more than simply renting a machine, buying a random carpet cleaning solution, and letting the carpet dry. 

On the contrary, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to cleaning carpets, and we want to put that experience to work for you. 

For instance, we know that your carpet has multiple layers, the sum of which acts as a passive air filter to trap contaminants. While better they are lodged in the carpet fibers than be in the air you breathe, it makes vacuuming ineffective after a while. This is why we use professional-grade machines with advanced cleaning solutions to pull out all contaminants. Cheap machines will only cover your carpet with soap, leaving behind a crunch and a crackle. They often make your carpet look and feel worse than before too. 

This is not the case with our carpet cleaning company. Get your free quote from us and we’ll do it right the first time — always for an affordable price. We’d love to hear from you and show you, rather than merely tell you, about the high-quality carpet cleaning services we provide at Pro Clean of Michigan!