Many home and business owners either love carpet or they hate it. On the one hand, it’s comfortable and warm to walk on and can help create a welcoming atmosphere; but on the other hand, it can wear down over time and stains can be difficult to remove. If you’re considering getting carpet for a bedroom, living room, or for your office workspaces, the durability and longevity of the carpet often come down to what type you choose and where it will be installed.

At Pro Clean of Michigan, we offer home and business owners throughout Lenawee County with professional carpet cleaning services. We have worked in the cleaning industry for years and have cleaned various types of carpet, giving them a like-new appearance.

Here’s a breakdown of what the different types of carpet are and what spaces they work best in.


Berber or loop carpets feature uncut loops that are typically made from wool, nylon, or olefin. Because the carpet is uncut, it is denser than other types and is a great option for offices. It’s also highly stain-resistant. Berber carpets can be used for homes, especially spaces that get a lot of traffic; but it’s best for homes that don’t have pets as their nails can get caught on the loops.


Even though when we imagine shag carpet, we often think of thick ’60s or ‘70s carpet, this type is another good choice for commercial settings or areas with high traffic. The carpet has threads that are twisted together so that they curl in different directions. The length of the thread can vary from short to relatively long. Longer threads can be used in bedrooms or living rooms, and shorter threads are good for offices.


There are a few variations of pattern carpets:

  • A patterned loop is when the loops of the carpet are different heights
  • Cut-and-loop construction is a combination of loops and cut threads.
  • Sisal carpet is a type of loop-pile where the loops and threads are different colors and heights, sometimes arranged in rows to give a patterned effect.

This type of carpet can be used in a variety of spaces as the varying length and color of the fiber can disguise wear and stains. However, pets’ nails can be snagged on the loops.


Plush carpets are one of the most common types of carpet used in homes, especially bedrooms. The carpet features tightly packed yarn that gives the carpet a soft, plush feeling when walked on. This type of carpet is rarely used for commercial spaces, and in homes, it’s best used in formal spaces. If you choose plush carpet for your home, consider selecting a color that can hide stains or plan on being careful if pets or children are in the home. This type of carpet will show footprints and vacuum marks.


Textured is another carpet option that is popular for home use, especially family rooms. The carpet has a two-toned yarn and an uneven surface that gives the room a casual and welcoming feel. It is constructed with a tight twist that helps resist soiling. While it’s not a bad option for businesses, it would be best used in personal offices, rather than in common areas or waiting rooms.

Pro Clean of Michigan offers both residential and commercial cleaning services, including carpet cleaning. Whichever type of carpet is in your space, we have commercial-grade equipment and the experience you need for a deep carpet cleaning. Contact us today in Lenawee County for an estimate.