Maintaining your carpet is more important than you might think. A clean carpet not only looks nice, but is also vital to your health. While you can easily vacuum your carpet, it might not get as clean as you think. At Pro Clean of Michigan, we offer professional carpet cleaning to our southeast Michigan customers with products that will deliver superior results. Contact us today to get started!

Professional cleaning carpet with advanced equipment

Advanced Equipment

Our advanced equipment is guaranteed to remove all of the dust and dirt your carpet has accumulated over time. At Pro Clean of Michigan, we use the highest-quality products to deep clean your carpet and get it back in pristine condition. A deep clean is necessary to not only get your carpet looking its best, but to also remove every trace of built-up dust and dirt.

Red wine that has spilled onto a white carpet

Emergency Service

Our team at Pro Clean of Michigan a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers, and we promise to deliver results every time. We want you to receive superior service, and we offer emergency carpet cleaning as a convenience to our customers. No matter what the project entails, our team will get the job done!

A cleaning professional spraying a carpet stain with special cleaner

Stain Removal

Stains are an inconvenience and a tricky situation to take care of on your own. Our experienced team combined with our high-quality products can get out any stain you might not be able to remove on your own. Nevertheless, we offer fair prices and timely service!

A freshly cleaned carpet in a home

Superior Results

At Pro Clean of Michigan, we go above and beyond to deliver quality results for your professional carpet cleaning. The advanced equipment we use, alongside our commitment to professional results, guarantees we can exceed your expectations.

Whether you need a tricky stain removed, an emergency service, or you are looking to get your carpet cleaned annually , our service professionals at Pro Clean of Michigan are here to get the job done! Learn more about our carpet cleaning services here!