It’s a fact of life that dishes in the kitchen will continue to pile up, clothes on the floor will gather, and dust on the window sill will accumulate. And it’s a fact of office life that surfaces will get dirty, items will be thrown away in trash bins, and employees will walk in with dirty shoes, leaving prints on the floor.

Pro Clean of Michigan offers janitorial services throughout the southeast Michigan area, including Ann Arbor, Adrian, Jackson, and even Toledo, Ohio. We are passionate about providing reliable services that our clients can trust. We understand that employees can be messy, but we know what it takes to keep commercial properties clean and sanitized. If you’re not satisfied with how clean your office is, get in touch with our team today for a free estimate.

Even if you have a regularly scheduled office cleaning company, they won’t be there to clean 24/7. So how can you help keep the office tidy in between these visits?

Encourage Employees to Stay Organized

The hardest part about keeping a building clean in between office cleanings is that it requires everyone to put in some effort. Business owners or just a handful of people shouldn’t be responsible for keeping the entire office clean. Encourage employees to keep their desks organized by keeping stray paper in a tray, writing utensils in a container, and utilizing drawers and file systems for items that aren’t regularly being used. This will make it easier for them to quickly wipe down the surface of their desk when necessary.

Designate Trash Containers For Food Trash

When food is thrown out and left to sit in a trash bin, it can create an awful smell that no one wants to be around. Trash bins that are selected to be used for food trash only can be fitted with a lid at all times. If your cleaning company only comes every other day, there is less risk of the food creating a smell that will distract employees. Better yet, hire an affordable janitorial service that will come every day to throw out all of the trash.

Clean As You Go

This is another tip that everyone in the office will need to follow. Did someone accidentally spill coffee on the carpet? Soak it up quickly with some towels rather than just letting it sit. Did someone microwave spaghetti and sauce exploded onto the ceiling and walls of the microwave? Wipe it down right away to prevent it from drying and making it harder to clean later. It’s little things like this that can make a big difference.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Stocked

Paper towels are an essential tool to help keep an office clean throughout the day and between visits. They’re perfect for small spills that can be cleaned up right away. Be sure that paper towels are on hand and readily available. Other supplies like window cleaner, surface cleaners for the kitchen and bathroom, and carpet cleaner should be provided by the cleaning company.

Use Floor Mats at Entryways

This is especially important during the fall, winter, and spring when Michigan weather tends to be wetter. Floor mats are an easy way to prevent dirt from getting into the office.

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