A year after the emergence of COVID-19, many businesses have returned to working from the office instead of from home, but with some adjustments and processes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. With reduced capacity, workplaces spread out to allow for social distancing, and with mask wearing, office spaces can be a safe place to work. But certain areas within the office are more difficult to manage than others.

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What Are Common Areas?

Before COVID-19, we often thought of common areas as spaces where multiple people can meet, such as a lunchroom or breakroom. But COVID-19 has required offices and employees to make adjustments in how they see and move around in a typical commercial space. Today, common areas can be anywhere that is not an individual employee’s workstation. Hallways can now be considered “common areas,” as well as meeting rooms, entryways, and restrooms. These spaces are shared spaces where there is a chance of walking by another person, and where social distancing may not be possible, making wearing a mask and taking other precautions necessary. At Pro Clean, we take every precaution possible when cleaning your commercial space.

How to Managing Common Areas in an Office

Post Signage

One of the best ways to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, as well as any other type of virus or germ, is to make people aware. Even though vaccines for COVID-19 have begun to be administered, it is essential for everyone to remain diligent in certain cleanliness practices. Posting signage throughout the office, in particular in entryways, in restrooms, and lunch or break rooms, can be a regular reminder to follow these practices. Signage can remind people to wear their mask when walking around the office, to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, to avoid touching their face, and to limit contact with surfaces whenever possible.

Direct Traffic

Pasting arrows on the floor to direct traffic can work in both commercial and retail settings as well as traditional offices. Arrows on the floor can direct customers and employees in a certain direction, preventing cross-traffic and allowing a great distance in between people. Signage on the floor can also help people remain distanced from others when standing in a line

Put Up Barriers

In common areas like kitchens or break rooms, barriers can be an effective way to keep people safe and distanced, and certain barriers also allow them to socialize. Barriers can be placed at checkouts, to aid in directing traffic, and to create smaller spaces within a larger common area.

Determine High Touch Surfaces

The importance of determining high touch surfaces is to ensure that they are cleaned frequently and that employees are aware to be careful when interacting with these surfaces. High touch surfaces that should be cleaned regularly include:

  • Elevator buttons
  • Office equipment like copiers
  • Kitchen tables and chairs, countertops
  • Faucets
  • Refrigerator and other door handles
  • Vending machines
  • Restroom door latches, faucets, and countertops.

Work With Pro Clean of Michigan

Employees can play a significant role in trying to keep their office and common areas clean and safe. However, the sole responsibility of cleaning the office should never be put on employees. A professional commercial and office cleaning company has the experience and equipment necessary to complete a deep cleaning.

Pro Clean of Michigan works throughout the greater Southeast Michigan area, including Ann Arbor, Adrian, Tecumseh, and Toledo, Ohio. Whether you need a regular office cleaning or a deep VCT floor cleaning and stripping, we have what it takes to keep your commercial space safe. Contact our team today for a free consultation.