Whether in your own home or if you’re the manager of a commercial property, tile grout can be a nightmare to keep clean, especially if it’s white grout. When grout accumulates dirt and grime over time, it will turn nice white grout into a deep grey-beige color that is not at all appealing to anyone in that space. But how do you keep it clean?

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Why Does Grout Turn Color?

Grout is an incredibly porous material that collects dirt as the surface is used. Over time, dirty water that covers the surface during a shower or dirty feet walking on the floor causes white grout to become a dirty brown color.

Another factor that causes grout to turn color is actually poor cleaning techniques! If you mop your bathroom floor, the tile itself may look better when you’re done, but what you’re actually doing is pushing dirt from the tile into the grout grooves. To effectively clean grout, you need to either scrub the grout lines themselves, which is incredibly time-consuming, or use special equipment that professionals use for their tile and grout cleaning.

Tips For Keeping Your Grout Clean

Hiring professional tile and grout cleaners might be the best route for renewing white grout, but here are a few tips to keep grout white for as long as possible:

Daily Cleaning

Giving grout in the shower a daily cleaning is easier than floor grout, especially if you have a detachable showerhead that can easily reach the corners of the shower; however, even floor grout should be cleaned regularly to help maintain the white color. For shower tile grout, spray a gentle daily shower cleaner onto the tile, use a sponge to quickly wipe down the grout, and then rinse the shower down with water. This will help ensure that any dirt is cleaned away before it has time to seep into the grout.

Bi-Monthly Cleanings

A quick spray and rinse will keep the shower clean, but a deeper clean is needed to ensure that tile on the floor is getting the attention it deserves. You may need to use a slightly stronger cleaning product that will ensure dirt and tough stains are removed. Spray the solution in the tile lines and depending on the instruction, it may need to be left to soak for a few minutes. Use a firm bristled brush to scrub at the tile, and then rinse the floor with clean water.

Work With Pro Clean of Michigan For Regular Tile and Grout Cleaning

Not interested in cleaning your tile and grout multiple times a month? While it’s necessary to keep the grout white, the time adds up quickly. Pro Clean of Michigan is dedicated to providing high-quality residential and commercial grout cleaning services. Get in touch with us today to learn more!