Hardwood floors can be incredibly beautiful in a home, whether they have been recently installed or you’re showing off the original hardwoods. But whether they’re new or original, it is essential that they are properly taken care of with regular hardwood floor cleaning and polishing.

Unlike engineered hardwood or laminate flooring, natural hardwood floors can become dry and brittle, lose their color over time, and splinters will eventually develop without the proper care. If you frequently have friends or family over to your home, if you’re selling your home soon, or you simply want to breathe some new life into the look and feel of your floors, it’s beneficial to have a professional floor cleaning service complete the job.

At Pro Clean of Michigan, our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals will give your hardwood floors the care and attention they need and deserve. We provide service through eastern Michigan, including Ann Arbor, Jackson, and even Toledo, Ohio. You can count on our technicians to be there at the scheduled time and complete the job to your full satisfaction. We care about the look and quality of your floors, so we won’t leave until the job is done right. If it’s time to give your hardwood floors a professional cleaning, contact us today for an estimate.

Why Hire a Professional For Hardwood Floor Cleaning?

Saves Time

We understand that you may not want to hire a professional floor cleaner, but in the end, you’ll be grateful. The process of cleaning an entire floor involves removing all of the furniture, completing the cleaning process, and putting everything back. Depending on the room that is being cleaned, moving furniture can be a job in itself. The contractors at Pro Clean of Michigan have experience moving furniture quickly and safely, ensuring that the furniture, as well as your walls, doors, and door frames, are protected from scratches. We’ll complete the job fast and efficiently while you can spend that time doing something else!

The Job Will be Done Right

Cleaning hardwood floors may not sound like a difficult task, but it needs to be done correctly and thoroughly. Our team has the proper equipment, cleaning products, and other tools to give your floors the complete cleaning that they need. You can rest assured that dust and other debris are picked up from in between each floorboard, giving it a wonderfully refreshed look.

Give Your Floors a Protective Finish

In addition to hardwood floor cleaning, Pro Clean of Michigan can also apply a protective finish. This will prevent damage that can occur from everyday use and adds to the floor’s durability as well. The finish will protect the floors from particles that can cause further damage, such as dust, dirt, or oils. If you’re having a kitchen, living room, or hallway cleaned, it’s these high-traffic areas that will need a protective finish the most.

Prevent Mistakes

Unless you have cleaned hardwood floors in the past, there’s a risk of making mistakes that could damage the floors. Even if you rent professional-grade equipment, it takes experience in order to use the equipment and complete this task correctly. To reduce the risk of scratching or using the wrong cleaning products or finishes, contact a professional.

Reduce Harmful Chemicals

There are dozens of hardwood cleaning products out there, and many of them contain harmful chemicals. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are found in a variety of products and can cause some serious short- and long-term effects. When you choose a company that uses products with low VOCs, you can feel good about the health of your home.

Restores Your Floors

It doesn’t take a trained eye to see when hardwood floors have not been properly cared for or maintained. They are dry, dull, and cracked. A hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing can give your floors and home a whole new look. Any existing scratches, scuffs, marks, or other minor damage will be hidden. When applied by a professional, a refinishing can enhance your floors, adding to the character that hardwoods gain as they age.

Extends the Life of the Floor

There’s something truly special about original hardwood floors, and most homeowners want to do everything they can to protect them and ensure they last for years to come. Even if your floors have recently been installed, you want them to last for decades! A thorough cleaning and refinishing will extend the life of your floor, allowing your family and friends to enjoy its beauty for years.

Pro Clean of Michigan is committed to providing our customers with exceptional workmanship and friendly service from start to finish. We love being able to renew the look of hardwood floors and seeing the excitement in customers’ faces when they see how amazing they look. If it’s been a year or more since your hardwood floors have been cleaned, get in touch with our team today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!