Most of us lead a busy lifestyle, so having a go-to professional carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaner available can be lifesaving. When your family from out of town decides to crash for the weekend, you are hosting Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day at your house, you need a stress-free residential clean. Pro Clean of Michigan offers the best home cleaning services in Lenawee County.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are one of the most difficult flooring materials to keep clean. Whether it’s dirt being tracked in on shoes or from the dog, pet stains, or spilling spaghetti sauce, accidents are bound to happen. And while homeowners can clean up spills fairly well on their own, stains can build up over time. Instead of replacing your carpet, give Pro Clean of Michigan the chance to revive your carpet with a deep cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

Just like the carpet, stains and spills are inevitable, and sometimes they land on the furniture. But after you’ve cleaned up so many stains, or flipped the pillow to the other side, you need professional cleaning services to help. Regardless of the material, our cleaners will thoroughly remove stains, dust, grime, and dander from your sofa, loveseat, chair, or ottoman.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Sealing

Hardwood floors are convenient, durable, and beautiful, but without the proper care, they can become dull, scratched, and areas with additional traffic can become worn down. Whether your hardwood floors need a deep cleaning or a resealing, we have the right equipment and highly skilled technicians who are committed to ensuring your floors look as good as new and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Pet Stain Removal

Having a pet in your life can bring immense joy, but whether you’re just potty training a new puppy or if age has caused issues with incontinence, accidents happen. Pet stains don’t have to ruin your carpet or furniture or leave evidence of a mess that wasn’t cleaned properly. Give our professional house cleaners a call and we’ll give your carpet a like-new look.

Odor Removal

From pet odors to cigarette smoke and mold, lingering smells are annoying and difficult to remove without professional equipment and cleaning products. The team at Pro Clean will determine the source of the odor and will get to work eliminating the aroma, rather than simply trying to mask it with other smells. You can look forward to a fresh-smelling home once again.

Keeping a house clean takes a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail. With so many things going on with your schedule, let us take over. Pro Clean of Michigan offers superior cleaning services, ensuring that you can come home to a freshly cleaned house. From kitchen and bathroom cleaning to dusting and vacuuming, to deep carpet cleaning and pet odor removal, you can count on us for a beautifully clean house.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer what few other companies do: a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your residential cleaning service, we’ll make it right for free.

30-Day Spot-Free Guarantee

Our residential cleaning company offers a 30-day spot-free guarantee, meaning your carpet and upholstery should be free of spots, or we’ll clean the spot for free.


We understand that you lead a busy life, which is why when you call us for residential carpet cleaning, hardwood floor clean, upholstery cleaning, or more, we’ll work around your schedule. With years of experience, we work quickly and efficiently, so we’ll be gone before you know it, causing little disturbance to your day.

Clean Every Space

We don’t just gloss over cleaning services. We make sure that every nook and cranny are cleaned and every speck of dust wiped. We ensure your carpets are gleaming like new, and your hardwood floor shines bright. We also make sure your tiles and grout sparkle, and we add in new sealant if need be. Our mission is to make your surfaces as good as new — or at least look so!