Grout Cleaning Services Of Lenawee County

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your tiles are if the grout in between them is dirty and gray. Grout is naturally porous, which makes it an easy home for grime, dirt, mold, and other contaminants, especially in damp areas, such as the shower. You can scrub with tough chemicals, but after a while, it won’t work anymore. There’s nothing more frustrating than cleaning the shower and realizing it still looks dirty thanks to grout that just won’t clean up. At Pro Clean of Michigan, we have the tile and grouting cleaning services you are looking for.

When it comes to attacking tough stains, it takes high heat, vacuum power, and strong water pressure. We’ll bring professional-grade cleaning equipment and techniques to your shower walls, floors, or kitchen backsplash, reaching into even the deepest corners. Once your grout looks good as new, we’ll apply a sealer that will penetrate both the grout and tile and protect it from staining and mildew for up to two years. Once we complete our professional grout cleaning services, You’ll not only have tile that looks new but you can also enjoy easy cleaning for months to come.

We got into the tile cleaning business because we want to help home and business owners protect their properties, ensuring their investments last. Don’t pull your hair out over stubborn, nasty grout. Instead, contact Pro Clean of Michigan for affordable, effective grout and tile cleaning services in Lenawee County, MI!